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We Provide Patents, Trademarks, and Industrial Designs in Australia, China, New Zealand, Singapore and Internationally

Patents, Trade Marks, and Industrial Designs in Canada

Our team at MACIPO & ASSOCIATES Canada Branch comprises highly-qualified patent and trade mark specialists, professionals and technical experts. We provide local and international IP services including patents, trademarks, industrial designs, advisory services and portfolio management.


Our patent filing service consists of performing patent searches and watches, prosecuting patent applications, and paying annuities. We will also analyze patentability and infringement, prepare for oppositions and appeals.
  • Patentability searches and opinions;
  • Patent drafting, filing and prosecution services for the procurement of patents in Canada;
  • Filing and prosecution of PCT international and Canadian National Phase patent application;
  • Infringement assessments;
  • Validity of patent reviews;
  • Due diligence reviews of patent portfolios
  • Full patent portfolio maintenance over the lifetime of the patents;
  • Access to our network of foreign associates for the procurement of patents worldwide.

Trade Marks

Our attorneys will perform conflict searches, give legal opinions, prepare and file trademark applications, renew trademark registrations, perform trademark watches, prepare oppositions, carry out appeal procedure.

  • Trademark branding strategies;
  • Canada and International trademark clearance searches;
  • Canadian and International trademark search opinions;
  • Canadian and international trademark filings, including their prosecution and registration;
  • Trademark monitoring and watch services;
  • Trademark licensing;
  • Trademark assignments;
  • Trademark renewals;
  • Opposition and cancellation proceedings;
  • Prosecuting and defending trademark infringement matters;
  • Trademark portfolio management.


We will draft and file industrial design applications, perform design searches and watches, pay renewal fees, prepare oppositions, appeals, and administrative nullity procedures.
  • Industrial design searching of Canadian databases;
  • Industrial design application preparation, filing and prosecution in Canada;
  • Industrial designs registrability opinions;
  • Industrial design infringement assessments.


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Fast Facts
  • Inventions must be kept confidential to be patentable.

  • Inventions must be capable of industrial application.

  • Granting a patent application can take several years.

  • A trade mark must be distinctive for your goods and services.

  • Registering your trade mark gives you the exclusive right to use your mark for the goods and/or services.

  • Design protection relates to the appearance of a product.


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